Les Mis illustration by Dasha KO

My nick is Dasha KO.
I'm artist, comixmaker and animator.
From Russia.

This account specifically for the illustrations of the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I have really enjoyed all your Les Miz art so far! Your drawings are always so full of energy and your character designs are really unique. Thank you for sharing!
lesmis-dasha-ko lesmis-dasha-ko Said:

Thank you! Nice to hear this! 

Sorry, I’ve lost my motivation to draw lesmis art lately… =__=

UPD: I’m all right. I just stepped away from the topic.


Ну хоть какое-то разнообразие!

Well … I think I did all requests.

Again, this colors …

Dostoevsky days in St. Petersburg.

In the woods.

Ordinary children playground in St. Petersburg. With stone elephant.